Writing Because I Have To

One of my smartest, most observant friends once asked me a pivotal question: “Do you write because you want to, or because you HAVE to?”Dawn (Wolfe) Weirauch is a freelance writer and journalist in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

As it turns out, the answer is the latter. And I have spent too damn long warily circling around the central passion of my life as though it was a trap instead of a gift.

So after finally leaving behind the comparative safety of content and social media marketing, I’m leaping back into the work that gives me joy.

If you want to hire me, I’m available for progressive advocacy writing, ghostwriting or substantive editing of your nonfiction book — and, of course, for long-form, multi-source feature writing. Email me and let’s see what we can make happen together.

Dawn is an excellent writer, a total professional and a great partner.
Barbara Gallen